In order to prevent the unexpected, Armored Cars Canada takes ordinary vehicles and makes them extraordinarily safe.

We start with the most reliable cars, trucks, SUVs, limousines, and cargo vehicles, and then we:

Reinforce the cabin with overlapping, minimally welded ballistic steel

Because we use the best, most advanced technology possible and employ highly trained, experienced technicians, Armored Cars Canada is able to cut large pieces of ballistic steel to precise specifications, rather than weld together small pieces as  some other armored car manufacturers do. This not only maintains the integrity of the ballistic steel, but also allows us to overlap the pieces and fuse them with minimal welding, providing even greater protection and reinforcement to the vehicle’s cabin. Large, overlapping, minimally welded ballistic steel pieces have far less chance of breaking apart and becoming shrapnel, and they also act as a roll cage, providing even greater security to passengers.

Install ballistic glass in reinforced channels

In addition to shatter-resistant, bulletproof glass, Armored Cars Canada uses reinforced channels to keep windows (including windshields, rear windows, side windows) in place even under the pressure of a blast. This not only keeps the windows from becoming a possible point of entry for bullets or weapons, but also prevents the glass from becoming shrapnel and potentially injuring the passengers.

Upgrade suspension and brakes

Armor adds weight to a vehicle, so in order to preserve maneuvrability, we upgrade the suspension, as well as, if necessary, the brakes. These upgrades ensure that the vehicle continues to perform at its best, so handling and evasive maneuvering aren’t a problem.

Protect engine, chassis, and fuel tank

Protecting the passenger or cargo cabin is essential, but a damaged engine, fuel tank, or chassis can stop an armored vehicle dead in its tracks, exposing its occupants and/or contents to further danger. Just as we use high-quality ballistic steel, cut into large, overlapping panels for optimum security, to secure the cabin, Armored Cars Canada also reinforces the engine compartment,  and fuel tank to ensure that your armored car remains drivable during an attack.

Install run-flat tires

Like the engine, chassis, and fuel tank, tires are essential to maintaining a car’s drivability, so at Armored Cars Canada, we install run-flats in high profile tires or secure bonds in low profile tires on all of our vehicles.

Ensure quality through precision and testing

We use computer-numerical-control (CNC) machinery to laser-cut and bend ballistic steel to exact, even custom, specifications, and we employ a strict quality control process to ensure that our product is the best that can be produced, starting with pre-certified materials and continuing through in-process inspections to the testing of our final product.

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